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1 on 1 Private Training

1 on 1 attention and customized workout plan for athletes looking to make the biggest possible strides in their game. Workout is completely customized based on athlete, current skill level and improvements necessary.

“In August 2012, I had the opportunity to go to Boston for 10 days and train with Corey Hassan, an International Pro Basketball player. After watching him play for two years in the best league in Germany, I was inspired by his style of play and wanted to become a similar player. After two very successful seasons in Germany, we stayed in contact and we decided that I should come over to Boston and receive individual training. He is famous for being an incredible shooter however we did not only train my shot technique we also worked on my footwork, defense and ball handling skills. He forced me to stay low on defense and taught me how to slide correctly. We worked on my ball handling with two ball zigzag dribbles but also quick crossovers to get to the ring quickly. My shot would not be near this good if Corey had not helped me improve my shooting. We began with only form shooting inside the paint. After a while and a lot of patience I finally was consistent from that area, so we went further out. He has a large variety of drills because of his own long career and his only goal is to make you a better player as soon as you exit the Gym. Corey is one of the most positive thinking persons I have ever met and he does not only teach you how to be a better Basketball player but also how to be a better person. For me personally Corey is a person I look up to on and off the court and has taught me a lot how to achieve goals in life. Hard Hard Work and Do NOT Ever Give Up!”
-Lewis Londene (Augsburg, Germany)

All of our coaches and trainers have either played, or coached at the collegiate or professional level.
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